In May the elections for the Regional Council DiSco

In May 14 and 15, elections will be held for the Regional Council DiSCo, the regional body for the right to study and for the promotion of knowledge that has replaced Laziodisu since last July.
The Regional Council is the representative body of the students of all universities and institutes of higher education, both public and private, present in the Lazio region. The body participates in the definition, implementation and verification of DiSCo policies. Within the Council, the Institutes of Higher Artistic and Musical Education (AFAM) contribute to elect a representative. The elected representatives remain in office for three years and cannot serve more than two terms.
The active electorate is up to the students who, at the date of voting, are enrolled in the current academic year (in progress or not), in first or second level degree courses. RUFA has prepared the lists of students entitled to vote which are available in the secretariat. The electorate, for all categories, is the responsibility of students who, on the date of the election, are regularly enrolled no later than the first year out of school (and only for the first time) in first or second level degree courses.
Candidacies for the election of the members of each category are made on the basis of competing lists in the respective colleges. The College of AFAM Institutes is the VIII. Each list is submitted by a voter or electrician who is responsible for the completeness of the documentation submitted. The lists of candidates for the Consultation must be accompanied by not less than 50 and not more than 100 signatures, in the case of AFAM Institutes.
Lists must be submitted by 6 pm on the thirtieth day prior to voting operations: i.e. by 13 April, by filing at the headquarters of the Central Electoral Commission, located in via Cesare de Lollis 24b, the declaration of submission of the Candidate List and the declaration of acceptance of the candidature. For further information: biblioteca@unirufa.it.