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Fashion and design as integration factors – Call for participation in participatory laboratory

A project to bring the world of image and the world of fashion together in a unified manner. It is in this assumption that “B&W – Black & White, The Migrant Trend” is outlined. An experience that comes from observing the creative and unique style of the migrant people. A style that, while finding personal and individual declinations every time, has constants capable of telling the story of the world, its trade, colonial and media powers, its myths. This trend unites elements from different worlds, telling where we come from and where we are going, tradition and new ideals.
The experience in question aims to define the constants of this trend, launching the migrant style as a real fashion trend and implement a reversal of the stereotypes that the common imagination attributes to children / and immigrants. In fact, the immigrants themselves, together with some Italians, will be the models and influencers of this trend.

The project will be developed in the form of a participatory workshop with the involvement of about fifteen young people including: beneficiaries of the Sprar network in Rome, Civico Zero Centre for unaccompanied minors, students from professional institutes of art, design and fashion in Rome. The comparison on the way of dressing of Italians and foreigners will trigger the meeting and intercultural exchange, where the analysis of syncretic clothing typical of migrants, made of elements related to the land of origin combined with those of arrival, will deepen both culture.
Two phases will be hosted at Macro, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, partner of the project. The first, from 25 June to 7 July 2019, will be focused on researching the constants of the trend. The second, from 1 to 13 October, is for the design of the brand and the collection with a final fashion show/performance. The workshop, in addition to offering a space for intercultural exchange and knowledge through the analysis of customs and traditions of participants, will be seen as a real internship in the field of fashion, photography, design and marketing.

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