Netpitch – pitch session for TV and fiction projects

On April 3, 2019 at the RUFA Pastificio Cerere headquarters will be held the second edition of Netpitch – pitch session dedicated to fiction television projects (TV-movies, miniseries, series, long and very long serials) for the domestic and/or international market. 
Netpitch is an event organized by WGI – Writers Guild Italia and APT – Associazione Produttori Televisivi, in collaboration with RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts; with the support of Roma Lazio Film Commission; the patronage of Mediaset Fiction, Fox International Channels, media partner Rai Fiction.
Netpicth’s format provides for the collection of the authors’ projects in the form of short synopses and the subsequent selection by the production companies of a limited number of projects that the authors will meet during the pitch session.
The system, by not making any pre-selection on the projects, allows the creative offer of professional scriptwriters to meet in a transparent way with the demand for content of the productions, so it is the market itself and the merit of the project that determines the access to the pitch. 
Screenwriters have time to register until 24:00 on February 24, clicking HERE.

For the online registration will be required:
1. Synopsis of the project of maximum 800 characters;
2. Tagline of maximum 65 characters;
3. Project format (number and duration of episodes)
4. Project filing number, with accredited bodies such as SIAE, Presidency of the Council, Patamu, WGAw, WGAe; it is absolutely mandatory to register all projects.
5. Author’s short bio/filmography(s) (800 characters). It will be possible to insert up to 3 external links (IMDB, etc…).
Each author will be able to submit a maximum of TWO projects with his signature, no matter if they are processed individually or in groups.
The online registration of the synopsis does not guarantee participation in NETPITCH, which depends primarily on the interest shown by the producers and secondarily on the number of participants and therefore the number of slots available.
Participation in this phase for authors is completely free.
Starting from March 24th the authors selected by the production companies for the Netpitch will be invited. Only the selected authors will have to pay the registration fee. Exclusively for RUFA students the participation in Netpicth, if they are selected, is completely free. 
Netpitch is designed to stimulate the exchange of ideas in compliance with Italian copyright and international copyright laws. Moreover, with the collaboration of APT, it has been defined a correct practice of behavior in the relationship between author and producer. For this reason a Regulation has been written that all participants must sign and commit themselves to respect.