When art moves with charity

Expand the already existing virtuous circle between the art world and voluntary associations. This is the starting point for the experience that the non-profit organization “art4aid” carries forward with passion. The project consists in the creation of a media platform for exchange in which artists from various disciplines make available their works, which can be purchased by any user for donations to bodies and organizations operating in the third sector.
The principle is the one of charity auctions, dedicated exhibitions and charity events, but the intent is to amplify it and make it more permanent and usable through an online platform.

The artist is the main donor within the project. It is up to him to choose, evaluate and make available a work, deciding to retain a percentage of the value of the work (not exceeding 50%) as reimbursement of expenses. It is always up to the artist to choose the possible voluntary associations that will receive the revenue.

The buyer, who acts on the art4aid platform, makes a virtuous and conscious purchase, bringing home a work whose ethical value increases its intrinsic value. The buyer can also choose the association receiving the revenues from those selected by the artist and helps to build a channel of mutual collaboration between art and cooperation, facilitating communication, understanding and breaking down barriers.
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