From paper to art, through history

Thanks to the support provided by the professors of the School of Graphic Art, RUFA students can partecipate to the thirteenth edition of the event “Unesco Creative Cities Conference” to be held in Fabriano, in the province of Ancona, from 10 to 16 June.
This project involves both the Fedrigoni Foundation and the paper factories that have been located in the centre of the Marche region for centuries. Specifically, the collaboration is aimed at creating the “FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION – A Wonderful Journey”: a pavilion dedicated to paper that will host a series of events and that will be located within the historical complex of Cartiere Miliani Fabriano, extraordinarily open to the public. So it happens that the places, where already in the 13th century the water of the river Janus had favoured the establishment of paper manufacturers, and the environments that were the heart of the paper factory and of Fabriano itself, are transformed into an itinerary that tells the story of the world of paper and its history.

A Wonderful Journey is a poetic journey, curated by the RUFA teacher Umberto Giovannini, which takes shape thanks to the iconographic constructions of the artists Gianna Bentivenga and Maria Pina Bentivenga, who are also RUFA lecturers, to the project of installation and shadows by Anusc Castiglioni and to the lights by Massimo Zanelli.

Fabriano preserves a unique heritage in the world: the hundreds of shapes and canvases used for the production of watermarked paper, whose beauty and evocative power are equal to the magnificence felt when you travel through the endless environments that host them. FABRIANO PAPER PAVILION is a way to get in touch with this treasure: 1500 watermarks, 1200 historical photographs, a library of over 3000 volumes, up to 10,000 pieces including tools and machinery for the manufacture of handmade paper.