Graphic design

The support of RUFA students for “Appunti di vita”

The result of the collaboration between the course of Graphic design of the first year of RUFA and the Bao Publishing (specialized in the publication of comic books, based in Milan), was recently printed the third volume of the collection “Appunti di vita”, by the famous French author Boulet.

The students of Comics and illustration, during the lessons given by the lecturer Lorenzo Bolzoni (senior designer of the same publishing house), were divided into groups and dealt with the digital lettering and layout of the book. From a technical point of view, the students worked with the InDesign software, following the same procedure as the milanese editorial staff: a very important opportunity to understand how to approach professionally the production of a comic book.

APPUNTI DI VITA collects the stories originally published on the blog of the french author Boulet, whose ability to interpret the doubts and weaknesses of the modern human soul is unparalleled. Zerocalcare himself has repeatedly confessed an authentic veneration for Boulet’s work, which he counts among his main reference authors.

Students of Graphic Design – Comic and Illustration course: Riccardo Alesiani, Andrea Amorosi, Emma Arduini, Matteo Barbone Sapegno, Edoardo Bardelle, Andrea Sofia Colasanti, Milena Felici, Marco Gualandi, Kevin Kariyawasam, Fortunata Laurenti, Daniela Lavezzo Cassinelli, Paolo Marchetta, Clara Masuzzo, Giorgio Milanese, Alessia Montedoro, Margherita Muzzi, Maria Rosa Nenna, Giulia Ordetti, Tiziano Pandolfi, Giorgia Pustorino, Giordana Rimedio, Federico Sergio, Christian Serino, Zhaojie Yuan.