Prometheus to Videocittà

Students of Multimedia Arts and Design presented the audiovisual performance ‘Prometheus’ for the first time as part of the Videocittà Festival.

The students of the academic course in in Multimedia Arts and Design, coordinated by lecturer Caterina Tomeo, presented for the first time “Prometheus”, an audiovisual performance whose protagonists are man and technology in our days, two central themes in this new edition of Videocittà.

Nowadays we live immersed in a landscape made of alerts, notifications, information, cookies, our every little gesture is accompanied by a quick check on the Internet: we ask and Google answers. It is a collaboration that grows inversely; the more machines acquire unlimited possibilities, the more mankind limits its nature, preferring to use the new means to what has allowed them to survive on earth since the dawn of time: instinct.

The first part of the performance introduces natural instinct as opposed to technology, in the second part natural instinct is accompanied by human instinct (personified by the performer), and in the third part nature and the human being merge with technology.

The ending is open to interpretation; it will be up to the audience to decide whether the fusion of technology and man represents a danger or an opportunity for ourselves.

Direction department: Francesca Battaglia, Lucrezia Mariotti, Federica Silli Bentivoglio, Ada Uygan
Video department: Martino Cassanelli, Sara Fabretti, Rosalia Giuliano, Daniele Imani, Simona Lauro, Olimpia Zamò
Audio department: Paola Belviso, Martino Cassanelli, Agostino Maria Domanico
Performers: Daniele Imani, Lucrezia Mariotti, Karina Sanchez, Agostino Maria Domanico
Staging: Francesca Battaglia, Lucrezia Mariotti, Federica Silli Bentivoglio, Ada Uygan
Costumes: Andrea Cecconi, Karina Sanchez


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