School/Work alternation in RUFA

It has just ended an intense week of meetings within the Alternanza school/work project, which involved some Roman high schools and RUFA.
RUFA hosted for a week, some classes to carry out the new school reform, which introduced a teaching and learning method based on the comparison between students and professionals. The students had the opportunity to attend several workshops held by RUFA teachers on various creative disciplines.
The activities, which began on March 5 and ended on March 9, have involved:
Class IV, Architecture and Environment of Caravaggio High School Rome in a workshop with Prof. Alessandro Ciancio.
the class IV A address Scenography and Set Design Caravaggio High School Rome with prof. Alessandro Vergoz
classes V G and 3 C of the Liceo Ripetta Roma with prof. Ely Rozenberg

With a view to “doing” that lies perfectly at the heart of RUFA’s teaching method, high school students were immediately guided in design and practice.
The result was a week of intense but fruitful work, which involved, entertained and made proud the students who were able to realize how concrete what they study can be and how much satisfaction it can give.

RUFA Alternanza Scuola Lavoro