The architectures of Rome become text books

Following in the footsteps of contemporaneity as you walk through Rome. RUFA lecturer Gian Luca Gentili accompanied his students on a different journey in the eternal city, with the aim of re-discovering in design and architecture the modernity that the Capital expresses.
An itinerary designed and thought to talk to the owners of the activities who have redesigned their offices, looking for a unique and non-trivial style, sometimes going against the trend compared to the contexts, but for this reason able to arouse amazement and wonder.
For the interior designer Gian Luca Gentili the task, from this point of view, was very simple: the direct knowledge of the places, taken care of by professionals, has simplified things a lot.
The result is a shift from memory to post-industrial New York style, from classic to avant-garde, from surreal to iconic. The only objective is to generate interest, forge knowledge and arouse curiosity.
And the students, of course, followed him with enthusiasm: on the map the points to visit and touch, but also those where you can have a good coffee and taste a good wine, with the opportunity to discuss with managers to learn the best concept of their business. From via Gallia (TBSP – The Barbecue Smoke Projects) to piazza dell’Unità (Grammo Food Store), from via Germanico (Bottega Sana) to via Federico Cesi (Solo Crudo), from vicolo dei Chiodaroli (Trattoria Moderna) to via del Portico d’Ottavia (Renato al Ghetto). The tour ended in Via Michele Di Lando (Da Enrico) in the heart of Piazza Bologna. An interactive and educational urban trekking. A new RUFA – Experience to be replicated.

Le architetture di Roma diventano libri di testo