Balance and disorder – The RUFA students’ exhibition curated by Simone Cametti

In 1865 Rudolf Clausius with his inequality theorem introduced in physics the concept of “entropy” (change/transformation), with the main intent to define this physical quantity as a measure of the disorder present in a system. About entropy in art Rudolf Arnheim argued that: “a system is in equilibrium when the forces that constitute it are arranged to compensate each other, like two weights placed at the end of the balance arms. The equilibrium determines stillness, and no further action can occur, unless it is influenced from the outside”. This concept represents the simplest structure that a system can assume if not conditioned by other forces. The greater the chaos, the greater the state of calm.
Balance and disorder is the title of the exhibition, curated by Simone Cametti and inaugurated on Friday 6 April at RUFA Space, which has as protagonists the students of the first and second year of the two-year RUFA visual arts course. The young artists have been called to reflect on the physical dynamics that are at the basis of our social system, but also on the entropy that is produced in creating a work. The exhibition path has been conceived to give life to a dynamic exhibition that develops between installations, photography, performances and video art, with an eye always turned to the experimentation of contents, techniques and materials. “…the fine balance between above and below, light and shadow, eternity and transience […] all this is necessary to save the world from a confusion without limits”. [Hans Arp]

Six artists participated: Mónica del Arenal // Tatiana Balchesini // Federica Baggio // Francesca Cornacchini // Anica Huck // Hamida Sager

Here the story with photos and videos of the opening night of the exhibition.

L'equilibrio e il disordine. La mostra degli studenti di Arti Visive RUFA