RUFA Pastificio Cerere, in the project “Solo Exihibition” the exhibition “Humanity Not Found”.

Understand and follow the steps that arise from the impulse, that turns into an idea, that changes into matter, that becomes a work of art. To give it a sense that allows it to be enjoyed by the viewer, to place it. Make the choices of the professional, in contact with the real path to cross, to make their work known. It is in this boundary that the project “Solo Exhibition” was born: a challenge for the students of the three years of Visual Arts, specifically painting and sculpture, to allow them to make a first constructive and real exercise of what it means to exhibit one or more works in a space. To supervise the whole RUFA teacher Emiliano Coletta. Each student creates his or her own personal exhibition, generating a calendar to open his or her art to the public and critics. 
“Humanity Not Found” is the exhibition of Laura Capriglia, student of painting. Hers wants to be an exhibition comparable to an open question, without pretense of answer. And a search towards something that was known and of which the traces were lost. An inexorable conclusion or a beginning from which to start again. On which to reflect. The young artist invites the user to an open reflection on today’s outcomes of technology, specifically on automatically generated codes. She tries to show the value of painting, of its ancient manual skill, which is inexorably confused with the reception of electrical impulses; the same impulses that arise from a primary image, also a work of art, accompanying the user in an endless cycle. What remains a work of art in the era of algorithmic creation? 
The exhibition, located in the RUFA Space, inside the Pastificio Cerere in via degli Ausoni 7, will be open from 28 to 31 January. On Wednesday, January 30, starting at 4.30 p.m., the protagonists of the project will also be present.