Three RUFA projects at Maker Faire

RUFA will at Maker Faire, the largest event on innovation in Europe. Here, in the pavilion of the Lazio Region, will be presented the great Design For Next Lazio project, to which RUFA participated together with La Sapienza University, ISIA, IED, QDU, ADI Association, Architects’ Order and Italian Academy of Arts, Fashion and Design .
Design for Next Lazio is part of the activities promoted by the Lazio Region in support of the processes of internationalization of business realities in the field of Design. RUFA took part with three projects that will be presented during the Maker Faire:

– Speaking Stones – a project co-ordinated by Professor Ely Rozenberg, realized in partnership with D’Ascenzi Pavimenti Company and Arch. Mariana Vincenzi of the Order of Architects and Students Eleonora Petrassi, Francesca D’Amario and Gaia Rossi Merighi

– Oil & Sun coordinated by Professor Alessandro Ciancio, in collaboration with Oil & Sun, Architect Francesco Napolitano of the Order of Architects, and Claudia Tedeschi, Federica Lorello, Giulia Zanardi, Jacopo Furia

-SeaEagle- coordinated by Professor Mario Rullo, with the company Sea eagle, arch. Tiziana Primavera of the Order of Architects and students Gabriele Caterini, Giorgia Lopane and Stefano Gottuso.

It will be a great chance for students to spread their work, to network and meet other young innovators like them.

Appointment at the Fiera di Roma for Maker Faire 2017 from Friday 1 December to Sunday 3 December!