Photography and Audiovisual

Ceci n’est pas un selfie – in exhibition the photographic portrait

A disruptive exhibition that shakes and hurts. The photos of the RUFA students taken during a workshop with world-renowned photographer Mustafa Sabbagh invaded an unpublished space at Pastificio Cerere.
Ceci n’est pas un selfie this is the name of the project carried out by the students together with Sabbagh: a journey into the self, a search of self through the portrait.
The history of art and photography tells the story of artists who become works of art by virtue of their design waste, of their awareness in the space they occupy, of a more or less tamed self-control that intimately, violently or delicately reveals their own nature.
The students have investigated themselves, digging into their own fragilities, opening wounds and finding a cure through the unique and personal representation of their own self.

Here the photos and video of the opening of an exhibition certainly different, like its curator Mustafa Sabbagh, a voice out of the chorus in the world of photography.

Congratulations to the RUFA students: Giada Cicchetti, Martina Coralli, Simona Della Bina, Anna Di Paola, Sara Lezzi Nikolic, Ginevra Magiar Lucidi, Chiara Pasutto, Italo Rabboni, Angela Russo, Sarah Signorino, Federica Teoli.

Ceci n'est pas un selfie