RUFA CONTEST. Here are the 25 finalists.

Twenty-five ideas to make the future current. Twenty-five proposals to explore creativity in its polyhedral conformations. Twenty-five projects generated with a perfect synthesis between freedom of thought and sense of becoming, in order to acquire skills and measure oneself against others. A competition, of course. But also the concrete implementation of the comparison that, in this sense, is synonymous with growth. The RUFA CONTEST gets to the heart of the matter: the selection jury, with a very careful and scrupulous work, has determined the “experiences” admitted to the final stages of the contest that will then be judged by Shirin Neshat, a living contamination of artistic expressionism between cinematography and art, between visions and ideas.
The 2018 edition of the RUFA CONTEST is all this: “Sound or Space or Time. In white and black”. The distance that separates white from black, and black from white, is composed of a dilatable space that expands and contracts according to circumstances. The fourth edition of RUFA CONTEST brings the eye to explore the tension that emerges from diversity. A mix of art, media and contemporaneity against the backdrop of Rome that will be illustrated first in a masterclass, with experts in the field, and then in an evening event scheduled for June 12, starting at 6 pm, at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome.
Students will be the absolute protagonists: Iulia Bita (EUFONIA), Sonia Bouslama (MY DAD HAS BROKEN HIS WALLS), Stefano Calabrese (COMFORT ZONE), Rebeca Elena Carini (THE HILL), Francesco Castellaneta (GENTE COMUNE), Maria Cavinato (INTERFERENCE), Francesca Cornacchini (THE CODE #01), Matteo Delai (ZEMBLANITY), Giulia Di Franco (RUIN ANATOMY), Daniele Falchi (ПAPEГKΛIƩIƩ – PARENCLISI), Mirko Fracassi (CRACK), Filippo Gualazzi (LiberAzioni), Camilla Gurgone (ECHINOIDEA), Anica Huck (WHITE OUT), Seyedmohammad Jeddi (IL CONFINE), Cem Kanyar (POLARIS), Alex Labombarda (UN SACCHETTO DI STOFF), Francesca Lezzerini (AMORE GEOMETRICO), Francesca Mattiangeli (SPECTRUM), Emanuela Mottola (UNISONO), Davide Rossi Doria (NO/BODY), Elisa Sabatino (TIC TAC BEAT), Silvia Serraiocco (THE SIGN OF A LIFE), Arianna Tedesco (THE OBSERVATOROSSERVATO), Sara Zanin (THIGH GAP_LO SPAZIO CHE AVANZA_). Also participating, out of competition the former RUFA graduate student, Cecilia Milza (in – BE – tween)
The RUFA CONTEST was founded in 2015 with the intent to summarize the artistic and educational mission of the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) Academy of Fine Arts, legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. The guide is entrusted to the artistic director and creator Emanuele Cappelli, the general director Fabio Mongelli and the event manager Alessandro Mongelli.