Set Design

RUFA for Teatroteka

A new opportunity for Film and Scenography students: RUFA and the production company WFDiF join forces to enhance the film and performing arts disciplines.

RUFA and the production company WFDiF – Wytwórnia Filmów dokumentalnych i Fabularnych of Warsaw, through the Polish Institute in Rome, have signed an agreement to foster cooperation between Italy and Poland in the field of the development of creative industries and related professional figures.

WFDiF will employ two students from the Academy, selected from among those enrolled in the Film and Scenography Schools, allowing them to actively participate in the production of a film from the Teatroteka cycle, to be made at the Warsaw studios.

TEATROTEKA is an original Polish format created by the WFDiF Film Studios (Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych – Film and Documentary Studios) in Warsaw, a legendary institution for Polish cinematography for over 70 years, where directors such as Andrzej Munk, Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Marcel Łoziński or Krzysztof Zanussi, who is currently shooting his new film at WFDiF, created their films.

The WFDiF ensures remuneration for the students’ activities of around 100 euros per day. The finalisation of the project in Poland is scheduled for March/April 2023 and includes up to 4 days on set.

How to participate

RUFA students from the School of Cinema and the School of Set Design who wish to participate are required to submit a project in pairs (preferably one Cinema student + one set design student, or alternatively two set design students) that includes an idea for direction (an exhaustive director’s note and a possible moodboard) and set design (e.g. set sketches accompanied by a description of the set), based on the Polish dramaturgy text “Operetta” by Witold Gombrowicz. Projects must be submitted no later than 21 November 2022 by sending an email to . Interested students are invited to contact lecturer Christian Angeli to find out which colleagues in Cinema and Scenography will be participating in the call for entries.
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