The RUFA short courses dedicated to everyone are back

They restart the amateur courses organized by RUFA and open to the public without age limits.
The only requirements to participate: curiosity, creativity and desire to learn. The offer of courses is designed to meet the needs of everyone, ranging from annual courses on a weekly basis of lessons, to quarterly courses on a weekly basis of lessons until individual lessons to be agreed with teachers.

Below is a list of the starting courses:

The course is aimed at all those who have already attended a basic painting course and wish to improve the techniques of oil painting through the conception and realization of personal works.

Artistic drawing
The course is addressed to those who want to have a formative experience in the field of artistic drawing and also to those who already have the basic notions and want to acquire a greater skill.
Students will be guided, through graduated exercises, to the study of the subject, discovering its constitutive elements: material, composition, tonal and perspective.

The course provides participants with the necessary teachings to develop the professional techniques of photography, understood in terms of discipline belonging to the visual arts sector. The lessons include the teaching of the professional use of digital cameras, laboratory experiences and brief historical notes on the authors of the history of photography.