RUFA Workshop

RUFA Workshop. Summer session 2019.

Over the years, the RUFA workshops have not only had the merit of deepening laboratory paths that would hardly have found a place in normal teaching activities, but have allowed the students of the Academy to get in touch with professionals of creativity, creating an exchange that perfectly declines the training directly connected to the dynamics that intervene in the productive reality.
The summer session of the workshops will take place from 15 to 19 July. Working alongside experts and professionals, students will be able to interact at their full potential, testing themselves and generating innovation and added value.

The schedule of the meetings:

> IN/A (State in place, motion in place)
Curated by Simone Cametti
The ex Eni Village in Corte di Cadore is a prodigious structure where, in the 1950s, thanks to the architect Edoardo Gellner, Enrico Mattei’s social welfare (and propaganda) programme took shape. Since 2014, Dolomiti Contemporanee has activated an international residence there, connected to “Progettoborca”, the site’s regeneration platform. The aim is to provide training through comparison and direct experience, using theoretical tools and an open approach to dialogue. Students are thus led to develop a greater awareness and depth of thought in the use of “site-specific” artistic practice, learning to deal with all the theoretical and practical issues that affect it in a particular way.

> Interactive Poster Design – The dual function of the new communication
Curated by Alessio Natale Ferri
Contemporary communication through the use of new tools. A project based on research and awareness of new ways of communication, a broad vision of design techniques to expand the creativity of new professionals in graphics. A workshop based on the conception and creation of interactive posters to build a new vision and deepen a communication technique with an international character.

> THE DESIGN OF THE LETTERS – Theory and practice of lettering
Curated by Lorenzo Bolzoni
When we talk about calligraphy, lettering and typography we often tend to confuse or overlap these disciplines, which actually have in common a fundamental element: the letters. But while the meaning of calligraphy and typography is quite clear to most people, what is meant by lettering? It is the art of drawing letters, studying their shapes, proportions and anatomy. The aim of the workshop is to provide the necessary skills to draw correctly all the letters of the alphabet in capital letters, and then move on to a more free and creative drawing, useful in the many areas of application of the letters.

> The tale of reality and documentary illusion – Practical and theoretical processes of documentary photography in the 21st Century
Curated by Pietri Paolini / TerraProject
The aim is to generate the interpretative and practical tools to deal with the production of documentary photography projects in contemporary markets: publishing, art and corporate. It will also seek to focus on the changes taking place in photography, the way in which it reaches the public and the way in which it is perceived. It will provide an understanding of how language can adapt to take on a different meaning depending on the context in which the images act.

> Video art declined – The found footage
Curated by Fabio Scacchioli
The course is designed to develop a greater awareness of video-artistic languages, aimed at a non-narrative, emotional, lyrical or conceptual development. We will work mainly on editing and found footage. There will also be references to video art: from the historical avant-garde to experimental cinema, to better understand the methods of operation with images.

> Instruments for stool making and a general approach for design thinking.
Curated by Hagit Pincovic
Consistency, colour and finish of objects. With these characteristics the student will be called to confront himself to increase his awareness of the language that each object communicates. Through a series of interventions, the student will deepen his sensitivity to details, understanding their influence on the final result.

> BOOKBINDING from project to object
Curated by Guido Lombardo, Tommaso Salvatori, La Legatoria di Roma.
The workshop deals with Bookbinding (theory and practice) and, more generally, with the production chain of a book or an editorial artifact. Students will be able to print and bind their book/project according to the various systems proposed directly at the Bookbindery. The graphic theme of the project concerns memory and consists in the creation of a family album revisited by the student. Each participant must therefore bring a folder containing photos (at least 50, from the most recent to the oldest, choosing freely).

Because of their unquestionable didactic value, the workshops allow students to acquire educational credits. To participate, it is necessary to register by filling in the appropriate FORM.
Registrations will be available from Tuesday 25 June 2019 at 11.00 a.m. and will end on Thursday 4 July at 12.00 noon.


from 15.07.2019 to 20.07.2019
via Benaco, 2

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  • Workshop