Assessment Board

The RUFA Assessment Board is the body necessary to the Academy’s founding in pursuance of article 4, comma 1 letter f) of regulations governing criteria pertaining to the statutory, regulatory and organizational autonomy of artistic and musical Institutes, as set out under Presidential Decree n. 132 dated February 28, 2003, and incorporated into the Academy’s Statute of Autonomy under article 11, which is reproduced below.

1. The Academy shall adopt an internal system of assessment of taught activities and research, of interventions in support of the right to study and administrative management in compliance with procedures described under Quality Management System UNI ENISO 9001:2008 and ministerial regulations currently in force.

2. The aforementioned assessment functions shall be carried out by a collegial body known as the Assessment Board, appointed by the Director after having consulted with the Academic Board.

3. The Academy guarantees the Assessment Board the right to access necessary data and information and the publication and diffusion of deeds in compliance with regulations governing the protection of privacy.

4. For the purposes of ensuring adequate data for statistical surveys, the Academy shall annually monitor data pertaining to the enrolment and careers of students and the entry of graduates into the workplace. It shall ask students to complete questionnaires evaluating individual areas of study, additional activities and general services, in addition to teaching. It shall also request participating businesses/enterprises to complete questionnaires on students’ level of preparation.

5. The Assessment Board shall comprise 3 members having demonstrable professional experience.
The RUFA Assessment Board, in drafting its annual reports, has referred, on a trial basis, to the framework set out by the Italian National Agency for University Report NdV And Research (ANVUR), established with Law n 286 dated November 24, 2006, article 2, commas 138, 139 and 140 and regulations stated under Presidential Decree n 76 dated February 1, 2010, pertaining to the identification of general criteria for Report NdV As per article 10, comma 2, letter b) of Presidential Decree 132/03. The aforesaid overall framework, developed by a working group formed for the specific purpose, is tasked with photographing the general and detailed information held to be useful for a comparative analysis of data emerging from those institutions registered, for various reasons, under the AFAM system.


The RUFA Assessment Board was constituted by resolution of the Board of Directors on December 17, 2012 and comprises:
Dr Roberto Morese – President
Eng. Alessandro Lepori – Outside expert
Prof. Alessio Cremisini – Internal component

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